Our Products

In today’s world, where everything is over processed, it can be hard to find things that remain wholesome. Our gourmet olive oil is both organic and cold pressed, hand-picked so that it goes directly from our branches to your bottle. When you purchase a Vita product from My Tuscan Gourmet, you can be assured that it is fresh from our farm to your table.

Olive Oil

Our trees are over 100 years old and have been cared for in the Tuscan tradition. From the land of fine wine comes some of the finest olive oil Italy has to offer. We also have our artisan gourmet blended olive oils which are infused with only natural homegrown ingredients. We have lemon which has been pressed with fresh sun-ripened lemons from the Amalfi coast. Roasted garlic which has been oven roasted to release the sweetness of the garlic and then soaked together with fresh pressed oil. Pepperoncini, in which fresh local peppers have been roasted to release the pepper’s own oils and perfumes. Finally our fresh herb blend, which is infused with fresh local rosemary, bay laurel and green peppercorns. All of our oil is cold pressed and unfiltered from our own trees. We cold press our olives daily during harvest, ensuring you only the freshest extra virgin olive oil, the way nature intended it to be.


By selective pruning in early spring, we limit the production of our grapes, allowing our vines to concentrate on creating the highest quality product. We further the care for our vines by using only biologic fertilizers and sprays. Upon harvest, our wine is fermented 15–20 days, pressed, and allowed to undergo secondary fermentation. Once complete, we age in both French Oak and American Oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months, longer for our reserve editions.


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